Site owner

Name: Merike Sell
Location: Estonia
Email: merikes at gmail dot com
PGP-key: 5A56 96E7 F64E 9486 072C A264 463F 73E4 9E50 73F2
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Education: M.Sc. in Informatics (Tallinn University of Technology, 2011)
Currently: beginner Python developer at RIK, Mozilla contributor
Previously: software QA at RIK for 8 years

    Some of the technologies and tools I’ve worked with or mastered:

  • HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, XML, JSON, SQL
  • Selenium/Webdriver, Java, JUnit, Ant, JMeter
  • Linux, Virtualbox, Bash, Mercurial, Git
  • Mozmill
  • Gimp, Inkscape, Audacity
    Other skills:

  • some art proficiency from several years of art classes at Sirlett during high school

Last updated: January 2017.