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First created: in March 2003
At this address: since December 2010
Previously at:
Content: gallery and art pictures are mine, so are the layout pictures, you are not allowed to use them without my permission (except for personal use).
Design: Current layout is basically the standard WordPress TwentySeventeen theme with custom header image and colors and some smaller tweaks.

Browser support: likely to work best with Firefox, but generally should be fine in any modern browser
Standards: should mostly validate as standards compliant HTML and CSS
Used software: Firefox, Gimp, Kate, Kubuntu linux.
Thanks to: Edith for digital pictures.

Previous layouts

Version 1 – :::Always Hope::: – circa June 2003 – February 2004

Version 2 – Walk in the wood – circa April 2004 – August 2004

Version 3 – Looking for the right place to fall – circa October 2004 – March 2005

Version 4 – Simply with daffodils – circa October 2005 – December 2006

Version 5 – December 2006 – August 2017
(image missing due to laziness, sorry, if curious help yourself at the internet archive)

Present layout

Version 6 – Current – September 2017 – present