Mozilla Camp Europe 09

Mozilla Camp Europe 2009 logo
Mozilla Camp Europe 2009 logo
It would be a shame not to blog about MozCamp so here comes a really late post on the topic.

After a little more than a year of calendar translations and some months of Mozmill tests for calendar I was invited to attend this really nice event.

  • Location: Prague.
  • Point in time: 3-4 October 2009.

At this point I have to thank Clint Talbert who confessed dropping my name. Sadly he couldn’t come himself.

Given the number of interesting talks I really wish I could’ve split myself into three or so: two for talks and one for socializing :D. Nevertheless met all those nice people I’ve communicated with via IRC so far and of course some more great Mozillians.

Noting down here some afterthoughts:

  • Listening to Gandalf’s talk made me realize that it would be really nice to have a Mozilla Communities site for Estonian translation instead of two separate and rather inactive sites currently live. Not sure if this fits into busy everyday agenda any time soon. Maybe it might fit into Sander’s (thinking out loud here :)).
  • L20n is going to very useful for languages like Estonian bringing localization flexibility without burdening native English developers with all the details. I once mistakenly thought it can’t be but Mozilla is obviously bending borders with it as with many other newer technologies like native ogg support, multitouch and accelerometers support in browser.
  • SUMO talk. Sort of got me interested. Anyone willing to step in and localize some of the most popular articles?

From the quirkier side of this world:

  • A man at the airport’s bus stop speaking English, Russian, some languages I don’t know and knowing some Estonian words. Saying that it’s cold compared to India. I’m still wondering if he had just arrived from there or so. :D
  • Internet access at Andel’s hotel. “Internet access is 100% FREE but strangely, to go online, you must first choose a pricing plan then choose a number of units and then press on “Submit”. That will connect you to the internet.” Talk about usability.
  • A must have link in a Mozcamp post – Chris Hofmann parodizing Steve ballmer.
  • Facebook acting up entire time, continuously hanging my Windows session before loading up. I guess that was the collision of open and proprietary?
  • Yellow penguins seen on the boat trip
Calendar people
Calendar team

Finishing up with a picture I didn’t miss as I was most likely checking out at the time this was taken on. Oh, and of course, thanks to both William and Irina for organizing the event!