You must be joking, right? (Silverlight for Linux :))

While browsing around with Firefox in Kubuntu I was presented the following offer:
How stupid is that? And why would I even want it? At the moment I’m rather happy with my system, I use Vista on the same machine rather rarely because it is just so slow while Linux is pretty fast and everything I need in everyday use is working. That includes wireless, USB, printing over LAN to a printer attached to XP machine and accessing XP fileshare. Figuring out the last one in Kubuntu didn’t take much time, while in Vista, well after couple of searches I felt I have better things to do with my time. Sure I might eventually take the time to tweak Vista to be faster, but I doubt it’ll be any time soon. I like that I don’t have to bother with typical Windows updates that interrupt usually at the most inconvenient time possible. Sure I update both OS-es but Kubuntu’s updates never disturb me, I’m just notified that there are updates available. The only bugger at the moment would be temperature that is higher in Linux compared to Windows.