Bad, bad Kubuntu

My Kubuntu occasionally finds it hard to hibernate. First I thought that the swap partition was too small and this was reported in system log too sometimes. But this is not always the case. It was happening in Karmic and continues to happen in Lucid that I installed week ago. This is mostly annoying only though. I should really try to find out the real cause.

As it didn’t hibernate again last night I went for shutdown. All seemed fine. My first boot this morning was to Kubuntu, check email, hibernate, done. The second boot was into Windows 7 because TTCN-3 tool I need for class only works in Windows. Still all good, working, applying Windows updates, reboot, shutdown.

And then I booted to Kubuntu again. Whole networking system was down. Right-clicking network manager reveals “Networking disabled”. iwl3945 driver does some tricks at times, so I unload and reload that driver. Nothing. Iwconfig. No interface. Ifconfig. Nothing except lo. Ok, so I have a laptop that does no networking at all and I have no idea what’s wrong. Sure, this is a beta, but first reboot after last updates worked fine.

This time booting with live version on USB. Short search on Google suggests that /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state might have NetworkingEnabled set to false. To my surprse this is exactly the case. Set to true, restart network manager and it’s all working again.

What I don’t understand is how the heck did it get set to false first place?

Oh, and does anybody know where screwdrivers like to hide? I had one around and can’t find it any more. If you’re Kadri then no, it’s not the one I borrowed from you, it’s the other one.