Please wish me luck cause tomorrow there will be big test and estonian trial examination too.

1. What if you had to choose whether to live without your journal/blog for a month, or go without food for five days?
For a month without blog.
2. What if you had to choose whether to live without human contact for a year, or spend five months in jail?
I cant live without others around me but depends on what kind of jail.
3. What if you had to choose whether to become permanently illiterate, or be doomed to live a life completely devoid of love?
It’s nice to read and write, but without love I cant even imagine.
4. What if you had to choose whether to be banished from home and never see your loved ones again, or be imprisoned five days per week (Monday through Friday) for the rest of your life?
In every place you can find people to communicate and love, but leaving all people I care of would be shame too: It’s not possible to answer that quickly to that kind of question.
5. What if you had to choose whether to become blind or deaf?
Live without all of those beatiful things or sounds, it would be very depressing for me. But as it is said that we get most information by eyes I prefer to have ability to see.

Today was interesting in our school. It was last school day for students in 12th grade so put on clothes like little children, many of them had strange schoolbags and teddy-bears. They drove round school screaming and doing such funny things. All lessons were shorter 35 minutes instead of 45. And last one didn’t took place at all. So I got home 2 hours before than usual. It vas great day though I was late in morning cause I forgot that lessons supposed to be shorter.
Here is daily double .
1. What do you want to name your children?
When will that time come….like said Toots…there are so many good names I think choosing few will be really hard.
2. Whats your favourite message board and why? cause it is good and free.