Bit late but I had math exam today so I had to study yesterday but here they are What-ifs .
1. What if you had to choose whether to die in one week, or, starting tomorrow, live your life backwards until you cease to exist (meaning, you wake up tomorrow and it was two days ago, and the next day it was three days before that, and so forth, through your entire life, until before you were born)?
I’d chosse second one, cause there are plenty wonderful things I have done and it would be nice to relive them. I’ve got just one doubt: what if it doesn’t feel the same any more? At least you know what’s happening next and feel safe. Another reason is that I feel I want to do so much before dying.
2. What if you had to choose whether to die tomorrow, or live out the rest of your life as a tree?
Tree? What tree? Where? Next to what? Can I communicate with other plants and animals? Would it happen in good environment? Would it be sure that someone don’t cut me off? If I can choose my type, place where to grow, communication, good environment and know that I won’t be cut off then I would live as a tree.
3. What if you had to choose whether to, starting next week, live out the rest of your life alone in Antartica (with enough supplies to last but zero hope of rescue or escape) and be allowed one day of “going home” per year, or agree to go with the friendly aliens that landed in your backyard to explore other worlds for the rest of your life without ever once returning for even a visit?
They are so equal! But friendly aliens would be more interesting. Who knows maybe it is possible to find great friends out there on other planets? So what if they are aliens? Don’t really care.
4. What if you had to choose whether to be imprisoned five days per week for the rest of your life, or contract sudden, incurable amnesia, and never remember who you really were or see anyone you loved again?
Don’t think I don’t care about my close ones, but you can always find new people to get friends with. But I would choose amnesia only if I would have great memory after that one time. If I have no memory at all I’d prefer to be imprisoned.
5. What if, upon your death, you had to choose whether to unsuccessfully roll that big boulder up that hill in Hell for eternity, or simply cease to exist?
Not good at english, could someone explain the question in easier words?