Good morning! It’s 12:35 here, if it can be called morning, but that’s the most earliest time I’ve ever written blog.
Last week I managed to be four days away from the computer and it is somehow weird for me. Now I’m starting to write an essay about “Dekameron”. It was supposed to be ready for Thursday but I missed the class so I will give it to teacher on Monday.
My computer does what it wants. It gives me an error at startup. So if you know anything about tweakui.cpl let me know.
I’ve heard nothing from though I applied for a fanlist few weeks ago, so I have to figure out what went wrong.
And I’m really missing cd-writer. I’ve got pretty much music on my hard drive and organizing is getting harder every day. It would be so much easier to wrote some media on cd-s. But money makes the hole world, pity.
Wishing the best for all of you reading. There are so many bad, annoying and unfair things around us that the only way not to become miserable is to focus on the best ones ;)