School has last for a while now and so far things have been interesting too. Our school has joined with e-school which means all our grades, homeworks and lesson tasks are available on the net, of course not to anyone. But not all teachers have computer in classroom so it’s not really working yet.
We have new English teacher. He’s rather strange. Not bad but far from ordinary teacher. Have you heard that it is not polite to put your feet on the table? I believe he has too but he seems to forget it sometimes. Also the classroom is not usual. Ok it’s little but there are some pieces that fall down the ceiling so you have to be careful not to be under if it falls, lol.
School choir might start again. At least they plan it. They need it for a theatre this or next summer, I’m not really sure, when there will be language camp. I have no special voice but I think I’ll go because I just love singing.
Art classes will start this week too. I tried to remember for how long I’ve went there, but I couldn’t. Definetly more then three years though.
My titmice fanlisting moved to new address. I found a lovely person to host me :). Go to sites page to check it out.