Camp overview and yellow socks

In the beginning of this month I attended art camp. I stayed with *counts* 11 people at house near Kloogaranna Youth Camp.
By the end of the camp I had 8 oil paintings and bunch of mosquitobites and a burnt leg. Yeah I know it’s weird to have sunburnt leg but that’s what I had due to sitting in fixed position in direct sunshine one day. As a matter of fact it was so burnt that it actually hurt. However I managed to burn my shoulders on a trip to Haapsalu later. So right now I’m losing some of my skin.
Despite that I’ve only went to camp twice I really like camps for being in different environment, getting new friends and good weather (both times).
Day before yesterday I went shopping hoping to get a blouse but returned with cute yellow socks and four hair elastics: two of them white and two steelblue. But the best are the socks, one look at them and you’re happy again, yellow is powerful color :)