Viewers expect respect, ETV!

If only all surprises were pleasant. As you might have guessed next paragraphs are going to be a rant.
So since 8th July national television (ETV) started to show Smallville’s third season. I missed first three or four times until I accidentally discovered that. I had not seen any advertising before.
They showed it Saturdays at 7:45. Fourth episode was shown at 7:50 and fifth at 7:45 again. But then for some reason the sixth was aired at 7:15. Had I not viewed TV schedule that day I would have missed it. 7th, 8th were shown at 7:45. 9th episode that was supposed to be showed on 2nd September was aired… well I have no clue as it is not in the schedule. However after reading short description from WB’s site, I realised that I have seen it, don’t ask me how. Anyway, 10th was showed on 9th and 11th on 23rd September at 7:50.
But today when I sat in front of TV I discovered that they had aired 12th episode at 2:30. Grr, they don’t repeat episodes either. And next week it is at 2 pm.
Now I could understand if there were few changes in schedule but this is not few! It wouldn’t be so hard to say before or after episode that next is shown at different time. ETV shows quite many great films and I’m really grateful for that but this is not the way to treat viewers.
If one of my favourite shows is shown at different time I want to know. And no I don’t read through TV schedule just for fun each week to see if they’ve made changes. I expect them to respect viewers enough to let us know. But what I’ve learned is that I cant count on that.
Yes Cranberries’, R.E.M.’s and U2’s concerts that they have showed have been really great but it is still unpleasant surprise in the evening that is supposed to be the best of all weekdays.