Moment of sadness and coincidence

Channel 2 showed Zero Hour‘s episode of Estonia (ship, not country) today. Very sad to watch even if I was only attending first grade at that time and had, thankfully, no personal contact with this catastrophe.

That reminded me of a picture I have of the memorial in Stockholm. Before I went to look it up in my photo album, I did a Google image search. The first picture on results page was from, site I don’t think I’ve visited before. To my surprise one picture used there and the one found in Google search is from, web page of Otto, active Mozilla contributor from Estonia. Odd. Not the picture or the taker but that I arrived there doing a random search. Perhaps randomness hard to reach is not only an issue in computer science but also in life in general.

The picture itself is another story. After 11th grade I got to participate in an award trip to Sweden with other more-successful-than-average students. After having visited Vaasa museum I was walking around the place as I had some extra time. I didn’t know where the memorial was as nobody had told us it’s nearby so it caught me by surprise when I suddenly realised I had just walked into it (it’s three stone walls in a triangle-like shape). Didn’t have much time, but managed to shoot one picture still, text is completely unreadable though.