Weird dream and sore throat

This night I had a dream about christmas. I’m very well aware it’s just autumn and even leaves haven’t fallen yet and still I had a dream about winter.
I must admit I really like such dreams that have beautiful environment (this one had fairytale like houses aswell that reminded me gingerbread houses). They’re not boring and when you wake up you’re in good mood.
Yet today was different. I woke up having sore throat. And the pain didn’t go away after cup of hot tea. So I’m ill. My nose is running (not too much so I’m suspecting it might get worse) and I’ve sneezed couple of times.
I have no idea when or where I caught this cold as I didn’t even go out yesterday thus I’m thinking that some generous person has gave me this, no idea who though.
So today is probably going-to-bed-early day and tommorrow is schoolday-with-hot-coldrex-in-the-morning day.