The blithe posting

School is finally over. Though I need to go there few times more to help with graduates celebration meeting (isn’t there better word for it in English or is it just my dictionary?) and maybe we’ll perform with the choir aswell. That isn’t sure yet since the performing we were supposed to have tomorrow at ninthgraders celebration meeting (again this weird word combination) was canceled because many of us can’t come.
But back to the point. It’s over because my exam is over. Of course it has been over for many hours but so far I didn’t know the result. Now comes the important part: I got 94 points out of 100 for my chemistry exam! Mh, I logged in and checked once more to actually believe again, lol.

Friday thoughts

Another schoolweek is over. I know it was five days as usual but it sure seemed longer for some reason.
I didn’t do much though. Usual lessons and learning.
Next week will be harder. Economy and chemistry tests on Tuesday, fhysics on Wednesday, four novels by TÅ¡ehhov for Thursday and 4A4 essay about catastrophes for Friday. I really should do some of them at weekend but it usually fails for me.
Tomorrow is going to be much more pleasant. I’m going to a concert of Estonian piano music (Mina ja klaver). There will be performed some well-known songs written by Olav Ehala and one of great Estonian actresses, Evelin Pang, will also perform. Guess who’s excited? Me!
I also have to call to support of Philips. My cd-player misses tracks for some very weird reason. So far I’ve been putting it off several times cause I doubt they can help me by phone. That means I have to go there, but I just don’t have the time!
I redid both Estonian and English gallery. No new pictures just a bit new design.