1. What if you could choose to be the ruler of one country on Earth?
I’m really not ruler type person in such things, I can decide things to do with my friends or something like that but making decisions about a whole country and people there, it’s too big responsibility gor me. I sometimes have enough hard time making my own.
2. What if you could be one politically influential person who is alive today (like President Bush or even Oprah)?
Nah, I wouldn’t want that. It would be better to win some prize for something creative but not to be known as politician (which doesn’t matter I can quarantee that I never do something political in future).
3. What if you could finalize one cause (such as end world hunger or stop animal cruelty)?
I prefer to get rid both of them and maybe some things more.
4. What if you could entirely make-over your own country — what would it be like?
School system would be easier I mean those who want to be scientists let them be if they want but sometimes it’s hard to understand when person who is going to be handicraft maker have to learn specific things about physics. Too many pupils have school stress here and this is a real problem.
5. What if you could start a new planet — what it would be like?
It would be pritty much like Earth but some things would be different. Maybe I’ll write more in future about that interesting idea. But there’ll be definetly less annoying bugs.