Missing photo camera

Ahh, it’s just not possible. There’s such a wonderful view outside and I can’t take a photo! Grr, I DO need digital photo camera. And soon!
It’s just amazing. The sun is setting but not yet set. Sky is beige to yellow and it’s drizzling. How sweet, we’ll get rid of the springly dust in the air. And then there’s this maple without leaves, so being black as a very good contrast to the sky. And all the lighting! It’s just so beautiful!
As to the camera I’m hoping to have enough money by the autumn. And well if smth goes better it would be just great to have it by summer. But right now it’s not probable.
So I’m gonna miss some gorgeus pictures. Now is that fair? Doesn’t seem so to me.
And yeah, by now there’s nothing to shoot anymore, it’s already gone :(.