Sweden trip, teachers day and thoughts on digital camera

Being to Sweden from 29th September till 1st of October was nice. There wasn’t much wind so the sea was quiet and it was pleasant on a ship. However I don’t quite feel comfortable sleeping on board, not because of waves but because of the sound of engine. We had our cabin on 5th deck and we could hear that.
When we arrived at Stockholm we had city tour and a visit to Vasa Museum. The tour didn’t last for long, I’d say about an hour, so we couldn’t see much. Even so I loved all Art Nouveau buildings. These always remind me the book Karlsson-on-the-Roof by Astrid Lindgren. That writer sure knew how to write books that children like. I have also read the Pippi Longstocking, The Six Bullerby Children and seen Tjorven which I liked all.
The Vasa Museum was even more fascinating. That ship of vikings is so big and so well preserved. And the little lighting that is good for the ship also adds mystery to it. Too bad they didn’t think through better how to put ballast and the ship sank. But who knows maybe it would be destroyed by now if it haven’t sunk.
On 7th October we had teacher’s day at school meaning we, 12th graders, were teaching younger students. We had 5 lessons, two with 6th graders and three with 7th graders. The first lesson was literature with 7th grade that went pretty well. The topic was diffrent rhyme types and exept all annoying questions quite many of them actually studied. Next we had Estonian with another 7th grade. We managed to do some work but since things went slow we got done less than had planned to do. Third lesson with 7th grade was a total disaster. Although material was exactly the same as in previous lesson we got done less. They had absolutely no discipline! And the teacher said that they are not the worst class but the second one! After that we had Estonian and literature with 6th class and these two lessons were really enjoyable. There were about 15 students and all behaved well. We worked during the break aswell and they got home about 20 minutes earlier that they were supposed to since all work was done.
Looking back at it now, I didn’t want to become a teacher earlier and my thoughts haven’t changed. Still it gave me another experience about how many things a teacher has to consider every day. Therefore almost all teachers should be envied because of being able to do such work 5 days a week and more while having medium salary only.
I remember that I first decided to go for a digital camera somewhen this spring. Yet I don’t have it as of the moment of writing. But I’ve managed to save enough money so I can buy it before christmas. I’ve chosen Canon Powershot a520 but if the prices keep falling I might get a610 for the same amount of money. Feeling excited about that :).

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