Smilers and more

Went to see Smilers on Friday. Some of their songs don’t sound good any more but there were some that never wore out. That’s the thing with songs: some of them last for long time, the others you just like for couple of months and then forget about them. But better than the Smilers itself was a cappella band Noorkuu. One of the songs was so great but I can’t remember its title :( Heard it for the first time. If any of you know the title of especially good song of them that is neither in Estonian nor in English, please, leave a comment here.
There were some more performers. Chalice performed the same song he did on Mother’s day concert called…I believe it’s “Teise planeedi saladus”. It’s a typical Chalice-type song in my mind. It has interesting words and catchy melody. And since I’m here writing about it, it might start to hunt me as well. Or maybe not because I know only some phrases and there’s no lyrics available on the net, weird, I know.
Otherwise I’m waiting for my state exam results which they promised to start making public from 10th June but so far nothing for me. May I say that makes anxious. I want to know!
And yes I’m still learning Oracle. I checked and when I finish learning I can take Oracle Certified Associate exam.

Exam time

On 22nd of April there was the first examination. We had to write three-pages (600-800 words) composition in our mother tongue on one of the ten topics. I almost fell short of time but in the end I finished on time. I think topics were good, so if I won’t get good results then I just didn’t write good enough.
After that there was this day when students in 12th grade dress as they were in the first class and do all those childish things they normally don’t. That was fun and we got notepads from those in 11th grade with all those cute and funny writings and stickies in them. It was an especial day since it was the last one in high school. No ordinary school days any more.
And then on 6th of May we were examined in math. The time for solving was quite tight but I believe it went well even though I wrote sin instead of tan once. If you know anything about math then you probably realise how stupid that is. But oh well, if they wanted me to write senseful text then they should have given more time too.
Next was English exam and may I say it was rather tricky! The writing part was ok, since we were expexting formal letter and a report, but the third exercise in listening part was not! It was read more quickly than the others and it was about well dressing. It took some time to actually realise what they were talking about since it was in no way connected with clothes. In reading part there was an article about toothy smile in art and I partly guessed many things. However it seems, it didn’t go very wrong at all. I suppose I was saved by my habit of reading English text on the web and being too lazy to use dictionary, so I mostly guess unknown words. But the exercise about university (don’t remember it’s name any more) and reference letters from teachers was… it quite freaked me out so I don’t remember most of my answers even though I think many of them are false. With this exam I’m clueless as to which results to expect.
But on Thursday there will be oral examination and I’m a bit worried that I won’t be able to say some usual words because they just sit on my tongue not willing to come out. You know how you sometimes want to say something but for some reason can’t? So, if there’s anyone out there willing to communicate in English tomorrow or the day after, let me know, ok? As they say, exercising only makes it better. Also that would be possible with either MSN or Skype.

Digital camera and other pieces on my mind

So I finally have my digital camera. For exactly a month already to be exact. It’s Powershot a610 just as I planned and the day before yesterday I bought rechargeable batteries for it as I was using alkalines so far. I haven’t used it very much yet but even so I’m convinced that it was right decision to buy that camera. It is easy to use automatic mode and just a bit harder to use manual modes. I feel that I need to learn the basics of photography more, since I sometimes feel that the camera could do better if I could set better combination of aperture and shutter speed. I’ve uploaded some of my pictures here. I especially like the one at left.
Otherwise I’m busy with school. In biology we have to make a presentation about greenhouse effect at 15th, it couldn’t have been better day than my bday.
I like math better. I participated in county olympiad and got 1.-2. place :). However I believe that exercises were in some way simpler than they have usually been. Another thing is that many talented students from our county study at Tallinn’s schools so competition at county olympiad isn’t so hard.
In Informatics we learn to use Gimp which is great because I know many things already. For others it seems to be difficult to get used to with Gimp windows and the way of handling layers.
Also is a lifesaver. Sure I almost always read the books we have to for literature but some books like “The Trial” by Franz Kafka are hard to understand and it makes it easier to write an essay after reading sparknotes’ summary and commentary. So I’m rather relieved after noticing that next book we have to read “The Plague” by Albert Camus is also listed there.
There’s this song “Lõpulaul” performed by Evelin Pang on the cd called “Rändamine” that I really want. It sounded very great live in summer 2004 but I’m afraid that the cd is too expensive to buy since I only want one song. Oh well a cd with Tallinn City Theatre songs is supposed to come out soon and I won’t miss that one. And… I managed to get 3rd row tickets for Ugala’s play “Lõõmav pimedus” at 3rd March so I have something to look forward to. I like that feeling.
Now off to clean my room and read through biology material.

Theatre impressions

On Friday last week I visited Tallinn City Theatre. I’ve never been there before and I liked it very much. I went there to see concert named Estonian Theatre Songs (Eesti teatri laulud). It consisted of songs from Koidula’s era to Olav Ehala’s music. Songs were performed by Hele Kõre, Evelin Pang, Argo Aadli, Andero Ermel, Mart Toome, Indrek Ojari, Riina Roose, Jaak Jürisson and Indrek Tiisel. Four of them are graduates of Estonian Higher Drama School from 2002 and that is the group of actors whose performing I always enjoy. Once again I was convinced that I like singing actors more than singing singers. Actors just do it so much better because of all movements and facial expressions. And these actors sing very professionally in my opinion. If they only wanted I believe they would be successful singers by now instead of actors. Fortunately they chose acting and I can see as many of their plays as possible. I’ve been humming all melodies I can remember throughout the week :)
From theatre’s homepage I read that they have a plan to put this music on cd, so thumbs up because this is the disc I must have.
Other than that there’s school keeping me busy enough so I’m writing this week later. Now I really should go on with learning oracle so this is the end of this entry.