I booked the tickets in the center of third row. I did it about month before. I waited for weeks to see it. And just to go and find out that the play has been cancelled because tickets didn’t sell well enough.
And… to hear that actually there was no advertising whatsoever. How did they plan to sell tickets when there was not information about it? I don’t think they would have had problems selling it out completely with just a little advertising since it was additional play. If they sold it out once quickly enough to repeat the play in same place then how comes that there’s not people interested?
I’m so completely dissapointed. It was supposed to be really interesting evening and it turned out to be nothing. And not because of an illness of an actor like it sometimes happens but just because they didn’t bother to advertise.
Advertising can be boring nonsense and all other unpleasant things but it also INFORMS people. And that is not so unimportant.
Oh and lately I’m feeling like I’m attracting negative things just like antenna attracts thunder. I need some positiveness and so far I can’t see much of it. Since it can’t go much worse I’m assuming it will go better. The question is how long I have to wait for that to happen.