Urmas Alender by Jassi Zahharov and Tajo Kadajas

Place: Keila church
Time: 21st July
Came home at seven without knowing whether I’m going or not. But found a friend to go with and so I didn’t miss it. It was crowded. Some people sat on the floor the others stood. I preferred the latter way, the view was so much better that way.
Songs became better and better with time and all four extra songs were performed. Although Jassi and Tajo have completely different voices they are both enjoyable. Thinking back now: some of Alender’s songs suit more one voice type and the others wouldn’t be as good with the same type so it was great to have two singers. But I have to agree with Merli about the piano. I’m used to hearing these songs with piano aswell and at first those sounded a little wierd.
However after listening to the cd for about ten times I don’t notice the difference as much anymore. My favourites of Ruja/Alender used to be “Katkemine”, “Vaiki, kui võid” and “Laul surnud linnust” but I might need to add “Võta mind lehtede varju”, “Hoia mind nii”, “Rahu” and “Kui mind enam ei ole” soon.
There are 5 more concerts so you still have the chance to go. It could have been better with the piano but it isn’t real reason not to go as I don’t think “Hoia mind nii” would sound better with piano.