Wandering theatre

Wandering theatre started from Keila yesterday. Guess, who couldn’t stay at home?
Kilplased was simple yet funny to watch. The story about people doing everything in an especially stupid way. Like building a house without windows or carrying wood down the hill. You should all know them :).
Nobody was interested to see the concert in the evening though :(. Their mistake, a big one. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss that. Genialistid was good as always but actors of VKA were slightly better I’m afraid. Another version of Queen’s We Will Rock You was performed along with other good songs. If there weren’t this final song the best one would have been a duo with this girl with black curly hair. However I again feel that I should buy myself better memory since I can’t remember any words other than “maailm on jokk” (I hope it was that way) from one song.
But the last song was the best. It’s called Papa Carlo song and is performed quite often lately. Even though this version with Genialistid and VKA students was with great tempo I still consider best the way it was performed by students of 2002 of Lavakas I’m not so big fan of Genialistid to know all their song by heart but I do know Papa Carlo song from the beginning till the end. It was good to sing it along as always.
In conclusion? Go, see it, you won’t regret. Oh, and if you remember any words later, post them as comment here :).

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  1. Ma lähen Pärnus Teatripäevale… Sinu jutu järgi on see kontsert eriti vahva. Püüan sõnu meelde jätta :)

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