Last weekend

Attended Andrew Lloyd Webber’s concert at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. Enjoyed it most of the time. Would have preferred to hear “Memory” by Maarja-Liis Ilus. Especially liked Tony Vincent’s voice and stage movement. Stephen Hansen was very good aswell and is remembered due to his jump off stage. Um, as some newspaper already wrote…Marsha Yuan had catch a little cold? From our Italy-like (her words) Old Town perhaps?
While listening thought that Tony could be great rock singer. Then next day read from newspaper that he’s been thinking of it. Navigated to his homepage and listened to some samples. Those were not rock and I didn’t find these to be special in any way. However if his will someday sing rock similar to what he performed at the gala I’d probably like it. Oh, and please put Phantom of the Opera on a show in Estonia!
Afterwards needed to get to Grandma’s place. Some of public transport didn’t go anymore so had to walk some kilometres aswell as to keep from fainting in crowded bus number 5.
Next day (or should I say the same day since it was after midnight) was her birthday. Got her bunch of cornflowers which she absolutely loved. Also got myself brown shoulder-bag from Seppäla which could fit my laptop as well as some other things. The evening was typical relatives chat. Going-to-uni topic couldn’t be escaped also.