Fighting spammers

I’ve had several (about twenty I believe) spam comments lately. WordPress doesn’t show comments with more than two links (I have it configured so) but it is rather boring to moderate them.
So this is why comment form has an additional control field. It shouldn’t be too difficult to understand what you need to write if you can understand posts in the blog (why else would you read it anyway).
If there’s someone interested in how I did it then you can leave a comment and I can give you instructions but bear in mind that I’m php novice so it might not be the best and most secure way.
So far I believe I’ve already managed to block one fake comment. Why do I think so? Because I checked my server log and someone has accessed the php page that posts comments but not the page where you can write a comment or any other page. And it didn’t go through since there are no comments in the moderation queue.
Oh, I really should write more in English since while over-reading this post I found three grammar mistakes to correct.
Feel free to post a comment on either of the topics (my grammar or stopping spam), this blog doesn’t get comments often as you might have realised.