The dilemma

As I already said on my main homepage: I’m not sure whether I’ll redo Estonian pages. For arguments:

  • I’ve got some content only in Estonian, like crosswords and an article
  • I wouldn’t want to abandon my mother tongue easily
  • I have a hunch that there may be readers who can’t understand English
  • It sometimes seems silly to write in English
  • Some topics are only interest to people from Estonia


  • English has wider audience
  • It gives me language practice
  • There is only one version of page to keep
  • Some topics on English webpages wouldn’t make sense so much anymore

It might have a point to redo only materials that doesn’t have point in English and have all else in English.

Also in new layout you don’t have blogroll, category and archives pages links. I think they’re accessible if you know a link but I might not add them back, since it gets complicated without a sidebar I don’t want to have.

If you have your view on the dilemma or missing blog functions, feel free to comment.