Computer question

It’s about BIOS, but I’ll start from the beginning.

It’s been everything but ordinary morning so far. Horrible pain I’ve had for past couple of days finally shows signs of retreat. I never thought that removed tonsils could cause so much ache. So after waking my computer checked the inbox and had a letter where someone asked for a song they saw in my listening list on I got carried away browsing, discovered three interesting blogs and finally ended up reading forum topic about BIOS signals.

So here’s the problem: sometimes when my computer resumes from hibernation I get this long system beep. I’ve been thinking for a while that I should find out what that means but I never really got to do it. But today I sort of stumbled on this thread and it suggests that my computer’s power supply is dead. Or does it? Because I’ve always considered my English good but this site confused me and now I’m not fully sure that my long beep responds to sound defined as continual in award table. Besides “dead” sounds like not working at all, but my computer works, it just gives this beep once in a while. So maybe I’m having a memory problem instead?

How do you know whether you have a power supply or memory problem? How do you repair them?

It’s weird that after all the browsing it is still so early. I expected it to be around 12 but it’s just 11 o’clock. Maybe because I woke up after seven..