Ahhh, cPanel’s logic

I was trying to copy one file to another directory. Apparently I didn’t get the logic and failed to do so. And when I went back to original catalog, my file was gone! Okay, so it didn’t copy it, but why did it delete it? It contained all my guestbook entries!

So I thought I could try to go back some pages within browser since I had viewed the file some time earlier. But it seemed that my browsing isn’t only through links, apparently I had used back button somewhere and so I couldn’t go back to that page because it didn’t exist in back button history.

My next try was to open history and navigate to that page. I found the page and it loaded but without the contents of my file because it was showed in text area and when I clicked the link in history it just asked the page again from server and so the area was empty. Which might have some security issues, because it let me open source of a file that didn’t exist anymore.

By that time I figured that the only way would be to get it from cache. So I typed in about:cache to firefox address bar and looked for similar entry. That was a success. I was able to get my .txt file just as it had been earlier.

So before you do something in cPanel’s file manager make sure that you understand its logic. In cPanel you click folder icons to move around and folder and file names to get info and options about them. So if you want to copy a file to a different directory then you first use folder icons to navigate into the right folder and then click file name to see options. You choose copy obviously and then you navigate to the folder you want it copied to. But while going there you don’t use folder names, only their icons! That’s what I didn’t get for a while. Now when you’re one folder up from the folder you want the copy placed in you click the folder name you want your file copied to. If it was a success you should see black arrow with your filename left from it and the place it was copied to at right side.