It’s all mathematicians fault

Another math practice lesson. Topic: Fourier’ series. Someone asked the teacher, where’s the point of this rather theoretical excercise.

We (me and my deskmate) had a short theory about that. At first when mathematicians come up with a new idea, it is rather boring for students to learn, because you can’t apply it yet. They’re not satisfied. Then physisists come up with something new and discover that this seemingly pointless theory mathematicians have is useful. They come up with a great gadget and it is used most often by military in a war. Only after people have survived that they can actually use the gadget to make their life easier, better, etc. Now there are new students learning the same thing and… no one explains what is the theory useful for or that most probably some gadget they use wouldn’t exist or work without mathematicians’ work.
And so everyone blames mathematicians.

Besides, was that bee just crazy? I don’t like to play tag with something size of my thumb and a sting. Is the fragrance of mimosa the same to bees as cat thyme to cats? Fortunately it couldn’t go through two doors as fast as I.