I’ve been their user for nearly two years and have mainly good words to say.
At first I was using it for just getting statistics about my listening habits. I believe it’s the same reason why people track their website’s visitors, it’s interesting. After a while I discovered the joy of having your musical neighbours, not only you find people who share your taste but when you check out their charts you might find some artists you’ve never listened to, but they are probably similar to the ones you have and like. That’s when 30 seconds previews of songs become handy.
Lately I haven’t been doing much else than just scrobbling my listened tracks with winamp plugin. But a week or two ago I looked more into what they offer now. And that is just plenty of good music! You can listen to your neighbours like music or your recommendations by and these stations play full tracks. You can also pick specific user’s station. What you can’t do with free account is to listen to your own station or pick a station by a tag, those need subscription. However you can add tracks to your playlist and when you have already 15 then you can listen them shuffle.
With all the greatness I can bear all technical troubles or delays they encounter once in a while. I just hope that more and more Estonian artists find their way to the site and realise how good way is putting up your music in terms of getting fans.