Looking for an idea/goal to learn PHP/MySQL

I started learning php and I’m therefore recovering my sql knowledge from the dust as well. But it makes no sense to just read some tutorial about making a contact form or something like that when I don’t need one.
I want to learn basic php, including cookies, sessions and communicating with MySQL database (later probably rss writing and dealing with text files) but in order to do that I need an idea of whatever I’m building and what for. I once had a very vague idea about some crossword site, but I never took the time to define it properly, so I might do that.
But all other ideas are very much appreciated.

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  1. I have downloaded some books about mysql and php, like php5 and mysql bible, but it has like over thousand pages :S

  2. That’s been a common problem for me, too. Nowadays I’m building moodle at work (moodle.org). Lots of open source projects really need help, so you could go around at one of those asking anything small you could dabble with. Or you might just see for yourself if there’s something that you think could be better in one of them. It might be hard first if you’re really a beginner, but once you find a challenge to start to work with, you can try to solve it piece by piece. PHP really isn’t very difficult a language as soon as you get used to browsing php.net function reference and manual. Joomla, WordPress and Menalto Gallery might be options, or perhaps some smaller project?

  3. noh, mul on kohe tellimus. Vaja oleks teha vaba tarkvaratükk, mille abiga inimesed (organisatsiooni liikmed vms) saavad üritustele sõitmiseks või niisamagi oma küüdisoove koordineerida, vältides ülearuseid sõidukeid Eestimaa teedel.

    Paremgi võimalus õppimiseks — võta mõne suurema valmistarkvara kood ette — eelistatavalt huvipakkuv, katsu tast aru saada ja oma soove mööda funktsionaalsust lisada või muuta. Enesel näiteks pole kuidagi aega mediawiki, mõne foorumitarkvara, liikmehaldussüsteemi,jne. täiendamiseks või sidumiseks muude toredate vabakoodiliste veebisüsteemidega.

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