Rein Rannap & Taavi Peterson, Keila

I had tickets bought in advance but it wasn’t much of a use since we got there quite late and all seats were taken. In fact it was so crowded already that I believe they wouldn’t have let us in for the first concert if we didn’t have tickets bought before.

First part sounded just ok to me but not much more. Of course good music was played in a professional way, but I’m just not that much into more than couple of minutes piano music without any vocal part.

Second part was much more interesting. I haven’t heard many of Ruja’s songs, believe it or not. Sure, I know the most popular ones but there were so many more. So it was nice they picked those not-so-many-times-heard ones. Out of the ones performed I had heard less than half I think. But I definitely loved what I heard. Taavi manages to sing on the edge for me. There are some tones of his voice that I’m not so fond of but there’s still something that gets to me at the same time and keeps listening and waiting for more. Although it makes you fear that all those tones might not be healthy for his voice.

Overall sound wasn’t bad at all even in the back, though I was surprised of how much better the sound was just few steps more to the front. Need to remember to go earlier next time.