I think I’m not going to repair all links if you wanna go somewhere then search for it, ok?
I haven’t blogged for a while partly because of a trip I had. I went to Imatsalu near Tartu on Friday. I went with my Mum to visit her godmother. She’s an old lady with lot of memories. She happen to forget some everyday things but can remember herself at six years old and even details! Well she has had difficult life. She lost her mother when she was just over ten and went throw two wars, that’s what killed her mother. Most of her life she has lived being poor, sometimes there wasn’t even enough food you know. Even she’s Estonian she had to live somewhere in Russia, during wars Russian and German soldiers were very cruel, they tried to take away few domestic animals they had and thanks to her ability to speak different languages they didn’t lose all, but imagine when about nine year old girl goes with a bottle of alcoholic drink and talks to important soldier to get back her cow…really strange situation. If someone is interested in that kind of memories then ask me, I can’t describe all here. Yesterday we came back to spend night at Grandma’s place. I went to sauna which I haven’t done in a long time. I mean there are two saunas at Health Center but it was real one like Estonians used to have even few centuries ago. It made me feel so great, after of course it was too warm feeling so I went outside though I had wet hair. It’s just few metres from door of house to door of sauna you know. Not mentioning that she lives in old wood house where are three flats and then hers. Their garden is also so great. Granny wanted to give us few jasmines but Mom didn’t want to because of smell (in bedroom), I regret I didn’t took some now. For some time I have had troubles with microphone I bought, but I got it to work finally, it just record sound very quietly, but at least it records something. Ok, it’s enough read others’ blogs too ;)