Oh, was it really so long time ago when I last blogged?
Anyway, you’ve got to wait more than one-two days for next one too. That’s because I’m having art camp starting tomorrow and ending on Sunday. It’s not far away from here Keila, it tooks action at Kurkse, I don’t know how much it actually is, but I guess that about twenty km-s. The best is that it is very near to sea, we’ll be able to swim. You know yesterday I got to swim first time in this year in sea. I think temperature was about 17C or something like that. I think it’s same there cause those places are quite similar. Forecast is so good too. No rain and temperature over 20C sometimes almost 30C even. I hope I don’t get burnt or something.
For you not to be sad I did Monday Madness.
1. Have you ever attended a concert? If so, who; and how old were you when you attended your first concert?
I wouldof if I wasn’t sick once. There was some kind of song contest coming when I was about six years old but I got sick and missed everything. Later in primary school I don’t remember which one was the first: choir concert or drama club’s performance.
2. What is the biggest ride or rollercoaster that you’ve ever been on? Were you frightened to go on it?
I think I haven’t been on really gig ones, I’m not enjoying those things.
3. Is there an annual ‘festival’ that you make sure you never miss? If so, please tell about it; if not, is there any annual event that you like to attend?
No, but there is one theatre’s performance I’d like to see sooo much but there’s no possibility I will.