So the camp is over, I got back on Sunday but I didn’t feel like blogging before, I don’t even now in fact.
About the camp now. We were blessed with weather, whole time was very warm and sunny, even too hot sometimes. We stayed in nice and little house very near to sea lot of junipers around us. It was really beautiful nature there though some junipers were burnt-looking. We painted twice a day from ten to two and from four to seven. Mostly with oil colors I love the most but last days with gouaches because they get dry more quick and are easier to transport. People I was with were also great. There were five other campers without me, our usual teacher, educator and cook. But those three were also painting so it wasn’t that noticable.
I end this blog some else time when I have more time, cause I just heard that many seats are taken at that theatre performance so I have to hurry and go. Bye!!