Where were I last time? Camp right? Oh, I forget to tell you about one especially beautiful place. Between sea and our house were lot of junipers like everywhere else but there were also nice tunnel that you didn’t notice before you were very close. It was only few metres long but so fantastic! At the end you arrived one big stone right there where land and sea got together. When you sat down on that stone you could watch sunset (once it was fabulous: half of the sea was blue and the other pink) in the evening and both side there were bulrushes longer that human. In bulrushes there were also tunnels like corridors, one ended up at harbour but left one was so long I don’t know where it went. On water you could see seagulls or swans.
The worst was that there were lot of gnats and midges, I was completely eaten when I got home. But also I saw funny bugs, about two cm long, black, having black and white stripy feelers and making funny noise when touching. It was pleasant place for dragon-flies, there were more than one spiecies of then, most had transparent wing not blue, unfortunately.
What else can I say about this camp? It was great though I didn’t know any person before, so I got five new friends. I hope I can meet with some of them in future again. And if someone wants to ask then of course I’ll go next year again.
Now newer things. Theatre I went was Ray Cooney’s “Run for your wife” though it had different name here. It was very funny and sometimes hard to understand cause things were soo messy…. It was nice evening Wednesday.
Yesterday I had ortoptist’s appointment. That’s a doctor who checks my eyes. Results: nothing changed. Then a little shopping and one visit. We bought watermelo for that and guess what? While me and my mum were just getting off the bus bag broke and it fell!! Happy accident was: no toe-bones broken and watermelon survived too.
Tuday I went sunbathing and swimming which was cool, watertemperature was 24C! Of course it didn’t last for long. Five minuter before getting home I got heavy rain :)(
That was all, I don’t feel like typing more.