So what has happened meanwhile? Not much really. I painted over my desk. So now it is beautiful relaxing blue instead of old boring brown. I like it very muuuch! Tomorrow I expect to have visitors. Maybe I finally got a chance to play badminton this summer tomorrow with Kerttu. I really hope so. But you can never hope that weather is nice when you want it to be in Estonia, actually.
I’ve got to go to school again next week. This time it’ll be 10th class. Yesterday I saw our class list of students and there are lot of new names. That’s because last year we had four classes but this year there will be only two. Also we are having new homeroom teacher. So, a lot new things. And homework, huh. I still hope to get locker for me and Edith. But she’s not at home at this time, so I cant plan much, yet. But I’m hopeful. Bye!