Eurovision and theatre play “Terrorism”

So after about three hours there will be the final of Eurovision Song Contest. I can’t really say that there are very good songs performed. Most of the semi-final songs were terrible in my mind and even if the song was not so bad then performing was. As to finalists I seem to like 7 countries more than others. These are: Armenia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, Russia and Switzerland. Though Russian’s accent disturbs me slightly. This time I’m not sad that our song didn’t make it to the final, it was not good and there were better songs in Estonian final to choose from. When I try to think about it, I can’t even remember the melody of Sandra’s song. However I remember the one of “Mr Right” sang by Meribel.
On the 13th of May I went to Viljandi with my friends and we were also celebrating one girl’s birthday since it was in the middle of exam period and she didn’t have time then. It turned out just great. We went to some shops and afterwards had a picnic at the ruins of the castle. The view at the lake from there is marvellous. I’d post a photo but it isn’t as good as to really be there so I think I won’t. In the evening we watched “Terrorism” written by brothers Presnyakovs and performed by Ugalas actors Hilje Murel, Carita Vaikjärv, Kadri Lepp, Aarne Soro, Meelis Rämmeld, Tanel Ingi, Martin Algus, Ott Aardam and Arvo Raimo. Since it was the last time they played it the director itself played an episodic role too :).
The story was about terrorism in everyday life, for example how parents treat their children badly because it’s the only way they know as their childhood was horrible. All that was very farcical. There was this story line about how man found his wife with another and then opened the gas not doing anything else himself. But there was this little boy pressing door bells just for fun and when he did it at this door there was a sparkle and everything exploded. Alltogether there were at least three people who died for stupid or silly reasons. And just four days after someone I knew died also. Not because of health or anything like that but because of someone’s stupid behaviour. So what may look not real and farcical might actually happen. No of course not the same way but for the same reason. Sad.