Exam time

On 22nd of April there was the first examination. We had to write three-pages (600-800 words) composition in our mother tongue on one of the ten topics. I almost fell short of time but in the end I finished on time. I think topics were good, so if I won’t get good results then I just didn’t write good enough.
After that there was this day when students in 12th grade dress as they were in the first class and do all those childish things they normally don’t. That was fun and we got notepads from those in 11th grade with all those cute and funny writings and stickies in them. It was an especial day since it was the last one in high school. No ordinary school days any more.
And then on 6th of May we were examined in math. The time for solving was quite tight but I believe it went well even though I wrote sin instead of tan once. If you know anything about math then you probably realise how stupid that is. But oh well, if they wanted me to write senseful text then they should have given more time too.
Next was English exam and may I say it was rather tricky! The writing part was ok, since we were expexting formal letter and a report, but the third exercise in listening part was not! It was read more quickly than the others and it was about well dressing. It took some time to actually realise what they were talking about since it was in no way connected with clothes. In reading part there was an article about toothy smile in art and I partly guessed many things. However it seems, it didn’t go very wrong at all. I suppose I was saved by my habit of reading English text on the web and being too lazy to use dictionary, so I mostly guess unknown words. But the exercise about university (don’t remember it’s name any more) and reference letters from teachers was… it quite freaked me out so I don’t remember most of my answers even though I think many of them are false. With this exam I’m clueless as to which results to expect.
But on Thursday there will be oral examination and I’m a bit worried that I won’t be able to say some usual words because they just sit on my tongue not willing to come out. You know how you sometimes want to say something but for some reason can’t? So, if there’s anyone out there willing to communicate in English tomorrow or the day after, let me know, ok? As they say, exercising only makes it better. Also that would be possible with either MSN or Skype.