Smilers and more

Went to see Smilers on Friday. Some of their songs don’t sound good any more but there were some that never wore out. That’s the thing with songs: some of them last for long time, the others you just like for couple of months and then forget about them. But better than the Smilers itself was a cappella band Noorkuu. One of the songs was so great but I can’t remember its title :( Heard it for the first time. If any of you know the title of especially good song of them that is neither in Estonian nor in English, please, leave a comment here.
There were some more performers. Chalice performed the same song he did on Mother’s day concert called…I believe it’s “Teise planeedi saladus”. It’s a typical Chalice-type song in my mind. It has interesting words and catchy melody. And since I’m here writing about it, it might start to hunt me as well. Or maybe not because I know only some phrases and there’s no lyrics available on the net, weird, I know.
Otherwise I’m waiting for my state exam results which they promised to start making public from 10th June but so far nothing for me. May I say that makes anxious. I want to know!
And yes I’m still learning Oracle. I checked and when I finish learning I can take Oracle Certified Associate exam.

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  1. This Noorkuu’s song in Spanish was “La camisa negra”, originally sang by Juanes.

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