Smilers and more

Went to see Smilers on Friday. Some of their songs don’t sound good any more but there were some that never wore out. That’s the thing with songs: some of them last for long time, the others you just like for couple of months and then forget about them. But better than the Smilers itself was a cappella band Noorkuu. One of the songs was so great but I can’t remember its title :( Heard it for the first time. If any of you know the title of especially good song of them that is neither in Estonian nor in English, please, leave a comment here.
There were some more performers. Chalice performed the same song he did on Mother’s day concert called…I believe it’s “Teise planeedi saladus”. It’s a typical Chalice-type song in my mind. It has interesting words and catchy melody. And since I’m here writing about it, it might start to hunt me as well. Or maybe not because I know only some phrases and there’s no lyrics available on the net, weird, I know.
Otherwise I’m waiting for my state exam results which they promised to start making public from 10th June but so far nothing for me. May I say that makes anxious. I want to know!
And yes I’m still learning Oracle. I checked and when I finish learning I can take Oracle Certified Associate exam.

In the world of physics

I’ve always thought that physics is interesting but at the same time it’s very complex aswell so I haven’t been very interested in it either.
But lately I was reading one blog which mentioned this site. And well now I can’t stop watching it. So be careful clicking if you’re person who uses mostly “why” of all questions as it is rather addicting.
And that’s quite bad because it slows down my progress in learning Oracle. I know I’ve been talking about it a lot, but I really want to get it correctly done this year and at the same time I have so many other interests aswell that I just don’t have time for it all.
I can’t imagine there were times when I was really bored with no idea what to do with my time. But there were when I was younger. At the moment it seems so impossible even if there were 48 hours in a day.

Another end of the year

Christmas is over by now and that’s sad. I listened to christmas songs yesterday because I just didn’t want to loose the mood. It’s such a great time of the year. As for presents I’m very happy this year. I got many interesting things and these are not to collect dust on the shelf as I don’t like such presents. To name some: 1000 piece puzzle (finished it today, so that makes 6 days to put it together), ceramic colours, two pairs of socks with christmas things on them, cookbook of Christmas food (I’m not frequent cooker but this one really makes me to want to cook, especially since these receipts suit other days aswell not only Christmas, anyone wants to come over to cook?), nice soft bath towel. I also planned to buy myself a digital camera but they had it sold out at the cheapest shop, so I’ll get it at the beginning of new year.
Yesterday I watched Pirates of the Carribean with my friend and I enjoyed it very much. It has an interesting storyline, professional actors, good jokes and music. Also there were some very nice quotes. The one I liked most:

Jack Sparrow: Me? I’m dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It’s the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly… stupid. (looking at Will).

So if you don’t tend to watch movies right after they’re released like me then I suggest you to watch this one.
So far I’ve been enjoying holidays completely. But I’m starting to think about all duties that are waiting. I need to read Arc de Triomphe by Remarque, learn more Oracle at Oracle Academy website and sort some things out about my future education. Also as I discovered I need to organize my contacts and their info since I’ve been thinking quite often lately whether I have forgotten someone’s birthday or not.
I might not be in mood of blogging before I finally get my digital camera so I’ll do it now: Happy New Year everybody!

Theatre impressions

On Friday last week I visited Tallinn City Theatre. I’ve never been there before and I liked it very much. I went there to see concert named Estonian Theatre Songs (Eesti teatri laulud). It consisted of songs from Koidula’s era to Olav Ehala’s music. Songs were performed by Hele Kõre, Evelin Pang, Argo Aadli, Andero Ermel, Mart Toome, Indrek Ojari, Riina Roose, Jaak Jürisson and Indrek Tiisel. Four of them are graduates of Estonian Higher Drama School from 2002 and that is the group of actors whose performing I always enjoy. Once again I was convinced that I like singing actors more than singing singers. Actors just do it so much better because of all movements and facial expressions. And these actors sing very professionally in my opinion. If they only wanted I believe they would be successful singers by now instead of actors. Fortunately they chose acting and I can see as many of their plays as possible. I’ve been humming all melodies I can remember throughout the week :)
From theatre’s homepage I read that they have a plan to put this music on cd, so thumbs up because this is the disc I must have.
Other than that there’s school keeping me busy enough so I’m writing this week later. Now I really should go on with learning oracle so this is the end of this entry.