Theatre impressions

On Friday last week I visited Tallinn City Theatre. I’ve never been there before and I liked it very much. I went there to see concert named Estonian Theatre Songs (Eesti teatri laulud). It consisted of songs from Koidula’s era to Olav Ehala’s music. Songs were performed by Hele Kõre, Evelin Pang, Argo Aadli, Andero Ermel, Mart Toome, Indrek Ojari, Riina Roose, Jaak Jürisson and Indrek Tiisel. Four of them are graduates of Estonian Higher Drama School from 2002 and that is the group of actors whose performing I always enjoy. Once again I was convinced that I like singing actors more than singing singers. Actors just do it so much better because of all movements and facial expressions. And these actors sing very professionally in my opinion. If they only wanted I believe they would be successful singers by now instead of actors. Fortunately they chose acting and I can see as many of their plays as possible. I’ve been humming all melodies I can remember throughout the week :)
From theatre’s homepage I read that they have a plan to put this music on cd, so thumbs up because this is the disc I must have.
Other than that there’s school keeping me busy enough so I’m writing this week later. Now I really should go on with learning oracle so this is the end of this entry.